Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NEW! Eagle Series - Hand carved flute

Small Mountain (Brother,)is at it again. Carving his hand made flutes. This is a one of a kind rare flute that will never be duplicated. It is carved of Bristlecone Pine. If you could imagine a living tree as old as the pyramids of Egypt, what do you think it would look like? It would look like a bristlecone pine, Pinus longaeva, the oldest living thing on the planet. As you can imagine, it is extremely rare. SM hunted for this wood for years! This is truely his finest and most treasured masterpiece.

Priced at $1500. Note: Other wood flute variations are available - starting at $150.00. All flutes made by custom order only. For more information on the bristlecone pine click on the link below. Pretty amazing stuff!

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