Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jack the Needle Felt Raccoon

I had a request to make a needle felt raccoon for Amanda at AWBAR, A Wild Baby Animal Rescue, AWBAR lost 14 of it's baby raccoons to the deadly Parvo virus before getting the virus controlled. I was making some commemorative polymer clay picture pendants and pins of the babies who succumbed from the virus. One of my favorite pictures was of Jack and Sophia. I used the picture of Jack when I made this needle felt raccoon.

I am a member of Team AWBAR and donate a portion of my Etsy sales to help the wild babies.
Any items that I have listed that have EFA - AWBAR in the title, have donations to help animals.
You can also buy items from the AWBAR store. 100% of these purchases goes to help buy food, medications, toys, blankets and cages for the wild babies that are brought to the wild baby animal rescue.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hatchling Dragon

I had so much fun making Steve's dragon, that I just had to make a wee-one! This little dragon is just hatching out of the egg. This one will be hard to part with as I have gotten pretty attached. It is hanging out by my computer and keeps me company while I am computing.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Green Eyed Monster

This is the green eyed monster, Steven's Dragon. Steven has always loved Dragon's ever since he was small. At the age of 17, one day he asked, "Mom, can you tattoo a dragon on my arm? He now has 3 dragons and is going for full sleeves. He also has one on his back. He loved his dragons so much he showed them off to all of his friends. Before long I was doing tats and dragons on everyone he knew.

He grew up (has a Son of his own) and he eventually outgrew Mom's tattoo's, .... but evenso, one thing he has never outgrown is Mom's magical dragons.

To my loving Son, this bud's for you! XOXO'S