Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pin Keep Penguin

Hmmmm..... I got this new prim pattern for a penguin pin keep. Now my understanding of a pin keep is that it is a pin cushion??? This completed folk art/primitive seems to be much too large for that, (over 13" wide and 10" tall,) but it would make a great shelf sitter or dresser display. I am pleased at how the first attempt turned out..... even though it took me 8 hours to complete.

I am going to try to make a smaller version that I think would make a really cute pin cushion.

I also have an owl that I will be making next. I really do enjoy making these primative critters.

They really are works of art!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stumpy the Cat!

Recently I ran across folk art and primitive animal patterns and I fell in love with the style because they were different, unusual! I was getting bored creating the same things and let's face it, jewelry, although beautiful, is a hard sell because so many people are making it. I knew that in 2009 I wanted to introduce some new lines... make some needed changes! I've decided I will make primitive/folk art critters and also my add my North Wood wee people series.

I had all good intention of making my next wee people set until I received the Primitives pattern that I had recently ordered. I vowed to give myself some time off after the Christmas rush and recharge/renew my creative energies........... but, I just kept staring at the Stumpy cat pattern and I just had to rip it open and drag out the sewing machine.

I think what I liked about it the best is that it also satisfied the "artistic" side of me. I got to get out my acrylics and fabric paints and bring this little fellow to life. I really had fun making this
fabric kitty. I am looking forward to making other folk art/primitive critters.

Stumpy Cat can be purchased from my new ArtFire store: