Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did someone say sea glass?

Is it sea glass you want? Well sea glass we've got. Lots of hand painted pendant necklaces and earrings too! Our sea glass jewelry can be purchased at our ArtFire store. We have lots that isn't listed and do custom orders too, so if you see something that you like contact us at lvsbeadsnthings@aol.com.

Monday, June 29, 2009

By the truck loads......

I have to tell you, I just finished up my second "Cougar" piece yesterday, a wire wrapped bracelet. Now I did improvise and changed it some and even then wasn't happen with my first attempt, so it got reworked. I did not make the piece as massive as what her instructions called for. The "big" jewelry pieces just isn't me, as I prefer the daintier pieces, but then I have small wrists and the larger pieces just look too gawdy on me. I know there are ladies out there that just LOVE the large pieces and I realize it is all about personal preferences, so I will do a few of the larger pieces in the near future. For now I am just having fun with all of these new techiques that I am learning, but I will admit, I am definitely burning some wire, rofl. I now have it coming in by the truck loads!

Here is my completed piece. I am pleased at it turned out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My first "Cougar" piece

Well I know all of my wire wrap friends know who Dale (Cougar) Armstrong is, and my g/f Jo and I were like two little kids in a candy store when we found out she put out a new book. Of course we both had to have it and as soon as Jo gets her copy we will have much to share.... can't wait! Mine came yesterday. Now for those that know me, you would have guessed that I would have sat down and tried to make one of her pieces yesterday, but I had a full day and was NOT about to try to tackle it when tired. This afternoon was another story, lol. I grabbed my book and Aleutia (one of my huskies) and then headed out to the deck and read through it while I took in some welcomed sun.

The book had instructions for one piece in particular that caught my eye, a ring! I seem to have this ring thing, rofl. I don't see myself selling (or making) a lot of this style of jewelry as it is more for custom orders. It is heavier, and as a result pricier than the things that I normally make, but it was fun making something new.... different. I changed it around a bit as I wanted the ring to make a "statement." Instead of the suggested pearl, I added a Rose Quartz nugget. I will wear it on my index finger and see what kind of attention it gets.... and maybe I will even get a sale or two. ;-)

Here is my first "Cougar" piece.

All in a day........ or two!

What a day! Well actually the past 24 hours have been FUN! It started when I took my weekly trip to town to stop by Harvest Health foods, Harmony Healing, and Turtle beads. I make my rounds and stop in to see the girls and see if I have had any "sales." I gifted Robin (Harvest Health foods) a pair of sea glass earrings, which she loved. I gifted Gloria (Harmony Healing) a gold filigree heart with a piece of "blue lace agate" in it, since that is her mystical birthstone. She broke the clasp on her gold chain and asked me if I could fix it for her so I gathered it up, telling her I would bring it back to her the next day (today.) From Gloria's I headed to Turtle Beads to see Liza. I dropped off the sea glass jewelry that was going on display in the front window. Liza was ooh'ing and ah'ing over my wire wrapped pendants when one of her customers (Ron) came in and saw my Lapis pendants. He BOUGHT one of them on the spot... wooohooo!

Then he asked me if I could wire wrap one of his AA coins for him. I was honored and told him "Of course," adding I would bring it back in a day or so. Then Liza and I headed across the street and did the girlie lunch (my treat) because after all, I did get a sale, you know.

Yesterday afternoon I wire wrapped Ron's coin and I just was NOT happy with the silver wire wrapping that he wanted but put it aside and went to bed.... I was beat. It was a busy day. This morning there that coin lay, staring up at me, rofl. As I drank my coffee I picked it up and rubbed it between my fingers. I cut off the wire and decided I was going to tackle it again, this time using a combination of brass and sterling silver, which is what I wanted to do in the first place since the coin was brass.

Here is the finished project. I was pleased with how it turned out. I put it on a brass chain and delivered it to him today. He liked it, saying "that really turned out nice." And as we all sat there in the restaurant (yes, Liza and I did lunch again today... her treat) Ron put it on immediately, showing off his AA coin with pride. Congrats on 7 years of continued sobriety Ron!!!!! Way to go!

And.... it was another good day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Treasures from the Sea

This was a FUN piece to create. I dug through all of my bins and boxes to find just the right sea treasures to add to it. The opalite in the necklace catches so many hues of the sun. It really makes this piece stand out. It comes with matching earrings. The set is currently listed at ArtFire.com.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cast Aways.... Rare Treasures in Time!

Sea glass! I have always loved sea glass! Perhaps it is the Aquarius in me..... or reminiscing to the days that I spent with my Mom at her Florida beach house. Maybe it is memories of my youth when we'd ditch school and head for the beach (yes, we did that Mom.) While others were wake boarding and body surfing, I was searching the beach for baubles and treasures..... sea glass, shells, sand dollars, and driftwood. I always loved creating with things I found on my search. Although I have been making jewelry and trinkets with sea glass for years, it never occurred to me to paint on these pieces and turn them into one of a kind pendants until I stumbled upon another jewelry artisan's blog and I was in awe what she had done. I knew that I had to try my hand at it because this satisfies two of my loves.... painting and wire wrapping. How cool is this?

Now finding sea glass in northern Idaho is non-existent, so I did my usual Etsy search for supplies. I found a couple of wonderful sellers from California, very near the same places I used to hunt for my treasures. The pictures are two creations that I made with sea glass that I got from BeachGemming.Etsy.com, (a favorite.) I had so much fun working on these pieces. Thank you for the gift beach glass Bea. As you can see I made good use out of it. These two pendants are currently on display (and for sale) at Turtle Beads in Newport, WA. If you would like a hand painted sea glass pendant please contact me at lvsbeadsnthings@aol.com.