Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lady V's Beads n' Things jewelry now listed on

Lady V's jewelry is now listed at, a great place to shop for hand made crafts, hand crafted jewelry, wood carvings, and unique one of a kind gifts. To go to the Etsy store click on the link below.

Take your time and look around at This is a great site and, in my opinion,. beats Ebay when it comes to hand made crafts.

The picture above is a new creation. It is a double stranded, high powered, magnetic bracelet designed for men. I have ladies magnetic bracelets too. They can be seen at both the site and store


shannie said...

I really like them mom....thank you, I'm sure Sammie will too.

Lady V said...

I am glad that you like them. I don't know if she is old enough to like hers yet.... but in a year or so? :-)