Sunday, December 9, 2007

Triple Strength High Power Magnetic jewelry is now available!

I have added more items to the magnetic jewelry section at the online store. In addition to bracelets (men's and women's,) I have added ankle bracelets and earrings. I even added an ankle bracelet for your pet who suffers from arthritis. I make both high power and (new) triple strength high power magnetic jewelry. These are great if you suffer from arthritis in the hands, shoulders, neck, elbow, or have carpal tunnel. Several styles are available and can be purchased at Lady V''s online store. They can be found under "magnetics" under the "store" tab.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mother/Daughter birthstone bracelets

My Daughter asked if I would make her bracelets for her and her Daughter for Christmas. She wanted something that represented them, so I made each of them traditional birthstone bracelets.

Shannon's is a wire wrap bracelet made of non-tarnish sterling silver, green tiger eye gemstones, emerald bicone Swarovski crystals, sterling silver beads, mother of pearl hearts, and the focal bead is a pearl (which represents her Daughter Sammie.) I made the clasp from sterling silver wire.

Sammie's bracelet is made of baby freshwater pearl rice beads, bicone Alexandrite beads, 4mm sterling silver beads, small mother of pearl hearts, and is strung on vinyl coated silver plated beading wire. I also made her clasp out of sterling silver.

Merry Christmas Shannon and Sammie. I hope you like your new bracelets.



Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lady V's Beads n' Things jewelry now listed on

Lady V's jewelry is now listed at, a great place to shop for hand made crafts, hand crafted jewelry, wood carvings, and unique one of a kind gifts. To go to the Etsy store click on the link below.

Take your time and look around at This is a great site and, in my opinion,. beats Ebay when it comes to hand made crafts.

The picture above is a new creation. It is a double stranded, high powered, magnetic bracelet designed for men. I have ladies magnetic bracelets too. They can be seen at both the site and store

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NEW! Eagle Series - Hand carved flute

Small Mountain (Brother,)is at it again. Carving his hand made flutes. This is a one of a kind rare flute that will never be duplicated. It is carved of Bristlecone Pine. If you could imagine a living tree as old as the pyramids of Egypt, what do you think it would look like? It would look like a bristlecone pine, Pinus longaeva, the oldest living thing on the planet. As you can imagine, it is extremely rare. SM hunted for this wood for years! This is truely his finest and most treasured masterpiece.

Priced at $1500. Note: Other wood flute variations are available - starting at $150.00. All flutes made by custom order only. For more information on the bristlecone pine click on the link below. Pretty amazing stuff!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wire Wrap Pendant

Those of you that know me, know that I am taking wire wrap jewelry classes and I am looking forward to creating some pieces after the craft fair is over (now old news.) I couldn't sleep worth a darn last night.... coming down with a cold, so I figured why not create! Here is one of my wire wrap pendants. I am sure I will improve over time, (ain't as easy as it looks,) but not too shabby for one of my earlier attempts.

The black beads in the background are rare, antique beads that were gifted to me from Liza at Turtle Beads..... WOW! They are gorgeous. Thank you soooooooooo much Elizabeth. You know you are my inspiration when I run out of steam. Now that I created the "Eagle" series of beads you have to keep hunting down those old, one of a kind, rare, antique beads, so I can keep making them you know, *winks. I will be seeing you soon, Liza. Get some good wire in.

Now that the Eagles Club craft fair is over, I will be working primarily on wire wrap jewelry and stringing beads for the pendants. I am now getting ready for the Stratton Elementary school craft fair on Dec 1st, located in Newport. Oh yeah, lastly, I will be teaching a "beginning wire wrap" class at Turtle Beads in a month or so,(depending on interest,) so if anyone is interested in attending, call Liza.. Turtle beads is located in Newport, WA.

Hugs to all
Lady V

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The long awaited Blue Lace Agate Arrived today!

UPS finally arrrived with the Blue Lace. It seems like I ordered it eon's ago, but I guess it was last week. I have lost all sense of time. Well now I AM ready for the craft fair. I have my master piece and a couple of other wire wrap necklaces to have on display.

NEW! Magnetic Gemstone Bracelets!

I am now making genuine gemstone bracelets with magnetic beads and clasps. Men's and Woman's bracelets are available. Magnetic therapy is great for people with tennis elbow, arthritis in their hands or shoulders, or carpal tunnel. The magnetic beads are approximately 800 gauss and the clasp is close to 5000. It takes a magnet strength of 2400 to penetrate the skin, so you can see that a single strand bracelet well exceeds that and a double strand is
powerful magnet therapy. To purchase click on the "Beads n' Things" store link on the right. For more information, email me.

A few pendants get face lifts

While I was in the "stringing beads" mood, I decided to give the Ocean Wave Jasper pendant a face lift too. I a strung a necklace of silver Swarvoski pearls and of course added Swarvoski crystals.

Copper and Black Onyx Pendant Necklace

Just as I imagined, the Onyx and copper necklace looks gorgeous! I made a strand of Swarovski bronze beads to go with it, added a few Swarovski bicone crystals and antique bronze beads. Wa-la! Paz' Azz!

Unakite and Copper Wire Wrap Pendant

My roll of copper arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to play with it. I twirled it around some unakite, but it didn't quite have the piz'azz I was hoping for....... dang! Not to fear, I have not given up hope. I am going to wrap it around some black Onyx and see if that doesn't razzle dazzle the wire.

Oh yeah, the craft show? It was a bust! In spite of it, I still had a kick-ass time and met some great people and made some new friends...... after all, isn't that what life is all about? I am looking forward to the next craft fair on December 1st. I am READY

Note: I made up a strand of hunter green Swarovski pearls, added a few Swarovski bicone crystals and antique copper beads. It was the right touch and made the pendant really stand out. (Click on the photo to see enlargrment.)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ooooooooh weeeeeee..... we're having some fun now!

Ummmmm, it really helps when you take the picture of the stone right side up? Lol, I guess I was really tired that day........ and, Mom?????? Like I said, I really need a new camera for Christmas! These out of focus pictures are for the birds....... (sigh.)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sizing it up

To better give you an idea of the size of gemstones I have used in these jewelry pieces, I have placed the various center stones around a dime. If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you for your interest.

Denim Lapis Wrap Bracelet

Glass foil beads, pearls and denim lapis bracelet with removeable heart shaped wish box. This wrap bracelet is similar to the previous one except the accents are silver.

Another pendant style necklace set

This is similar to the previous Ocean Wave Jasper, Brazilian Agate, Unakite set, except the accents are silver instead of gold. The set consists of necklace and earrings. It is a nice holiday set.

Lapis Lazuli and Silver Necklace Set

Made of Genuine Lapis Lazuli, Cobalt rectangular, and Silver beads and accents. Has toggle clasp. A really pretty and stunning set.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ocean Wave Jasper, Pearl, and Brazilian Agate Necklace Set

This necklace/earring set is made from Ocean Wave Jasper, Unakite, Brazilian Agate, gold filigree and pearl, beads. It has a toggle clasp. This set is very ornate and rich looking.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Russian Tree Jasper & Green Turquoise Set

This necklace and earrings set is made from Genuine Russian Tree Jasper, Green Turquoise, Kiwi Jasper gemstones and crystal and silver beads. This set sold the Craft Fair. Enjoy Penny.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cross Stone, Rose Quartz Crystal & Unakite Bracelet

This meditation prayer bracelet is made with a genuine cross stone, rose quartz crystal chips, silver, and unakite beads. It has a lobster claw clasp and a removeable wish box trinket.

Cross Stone and Lapis Bracelet

This meditation/prayer bracelet is made of a Genuine Cross stone, Swarovski white opal (sm,) frosted blue ice crystals silver beads, lapis nuggets, denim lapis, and Lapis Lazuli gemstones.

Guess who this one belongs too? Yes, I'm kinda partial to it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ladies Cross Stone Bracelet

This ladies meditation/prayer bracelet is made from a Genuine Cross stone, frosted crystal, hematite, silver, red lady bug beads, rainforest jade, and brazilian agate stones. It has a toggle clasp. This is definitely a conversation piece and one of a kind.

Genuine Denim Lapis & Pearl Wrap Bracelet

Genuine Denim Lapis and Pearl Wrap Bracelet with gold bali beads. Removeable wish box trinket. Nice! Must see to appreciate.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Genuine Lapis & Fresh Water Pearl Necklace Set

Genuine Lapis, Pearl, Mother of Pearl Nuggets, and Fresh Water Pearl, necklace and earring set. Lobster claw clasp. An elegant and beautiful set!

Genuine Ocean Wave Jasper Necklace

Necklace is made of Genuine Ocean Wave Jasper, Brazilian Agate, Unakite, Natural Turquoise, and bone beads. It has a lobster claw clasp. A very nice piece. I will be making matching earrings to go with this set. Set sold at the craft fair. Enjoy Penny.

Howlite and Aqua Pearl Prayer Bracelet

Prayer bracelet made with pearl, silver, howlite, and lady bug beads. Toggle clasp. This bracelet is dainty and cute and makes a nice gift.

Howlite and Dusty Rose Pearl Prayer Bracelet

Prayer Bracelet made of pearl, fresh water pearl, silver, and howlite beads. It has a toggle clasp. A very nice dainty bracelet and would make a nice gift for a teen.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Aqua Amazonite Necklace and Bracelet Set

This set is made of Aqua Amazonite, Rainforest Jade, Kiwi Jasper, and silver beads. A stunning set that you have to see as the pictures do not do it justice.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Man's NA Prayer/Meditation Beads

This is a man's Native American prayer/meditation beads. It has a silver eagle, followed by antique silver, hematite, frosted crystal, an authentic chiastolite cross stone, silver leaf Jasper gemstone beads, and wooden beads. It has a silver arrow and shield charm on the other end. It will be gifted to my Brother, but I am waiting for a St. Rocco medallian to attach to it. He just had knee surgery and needs the healing power for his knees, among other things. These make nice gifts and give-aways.

Southwestern Bracelet

This prayer/meditation bracelet's center bead is an authentic Chiastolite Cross stone, followed by frosted crystals, hematite, turquoise, antique silver beads, and silver leaf jasper semi-precious gemstone beads. Closure is a toggle clasp. It is a nice bracelet with a southwestern look and was made for a dear friend in CA.

Russian Jade & Genuine Tree Jasper Necklace & Bracelet

This beautiful set has Russian Jade, Kiwi Jasper, Genuine Russian Tree Jasper, Frosted Crystals, and antique gold beads. Closure is a toggle clasp. The pictures don't do it justice... I think I need a better camera. The set was made for a very special lady. Merry Christmas Mom!