Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wire Wrap Pendant

Those of you that know me, know that I am taking wire wrap jewelry classes and I am looking forward to creating some pieces after the craft fair is over (now old news.) I couldn't sleep worth a darn last night.... coming down with a cold, so I figured why not create! Here is one of my wire wrap pendants. I am sure I will improve over time, (ain't as easy as it looks,) but not too shabby for one of my earlier attempts.

The black beads in the background are rare, antique beads that were gifted to me from Liza at Turtle Beads..... WOW! They are gorgeous. Thank you soooooooooo much Elizabeth. You know you are my inspiration when I run out of steam. Now that I created the "Eagle" series of beads you have to keep hunting down those old, one of a kind, rare, antique beads, so I can keep making them you know, *winks. I will be seeing you soon, Liza. Get some good wire in.

Now that the Eagles Club craft fair is over, I will be working primarily on wire wrap jewelry and stringing beads for the pendants. I am now getting ready for the Stratton Elementary school craft fair on Dec 1st, located in Newport. Oh yeah, lastly, I will be teaching a "beginning wire wrap" class at Turtle Beads in a month or so,(depending on interest,) so if anyone is interested in attending, call Liza.. Turtle beads is located in Newport, WA.

Hugs to all
Lady V

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