Sunday, November 11, 2007

NEW! Magnetic Gemstone Bracelets!

I am now making genuine gemstone bracelets with magnetic beads and clasps. Men's and Woman's bracelets are available. Magnetic therapy is great for people with tennis elbow, arthritis in their hands or shoulders, or carpal tunnel. The magnetic beads are approximately 800 gauss and the clasp is close to 5000. It takes a magnet strength of 2400 to penetrate the skin, so you can see that a single strand bracelet well exceeds that and a double strand is
powerful magnet therapy. To purchase click on the "Beads n' Things" store link on the right. For more information, email me.

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Jasongonce001 said...

Wow..such a beautiful gemstones to buy for my lovely wife.She is fond of stone jewelry.