Sunday, July 19, 2009

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but not everyone can afford to buy them. Why not settle for the next best thing! Swarovski crystals. Let's face it, girls love jewelry at any age! It's sorta like boys and their toys. My Grandaughter, Sammie (Samantha) is no acception to the rule. With Sammie in mind (Birthday) I set out to get some very special beads. I found some that I know will make her squeal with delight. This is her finished piece.

The pendant is a porcelain My Little Kitty type bead. Mother of pearl hearts, Swarovski faceted ovals, bicones, roundelles, seed and e beads make up the 14 "necklace. Happy Birthday Samantha! XO'S

With crystals still on the brain I set out to make a fashionable piece, something perfect for cocktail hour and that little black dress. I kept staring at the faceted briolette jet Swarovski crystals sitting on the counter in front of me. (I had just gotten a "Blogging for beads" package from Artbeads stuffed with so many gorgeous picks.) I dug out my pearls. I had a plan! Usually when I start on a
new piece I have a pretty good idea of the design that I want to make. As I start putting the piece together I see it in my mind. In this instance as I was making this set a totally different idea came to me and I have to tell you it's like that wire took on a life of it's own. I found myself twisting and bending and shaping petals that soon became little flowers.

This necklace and earring set is made up of Swarovski briolette jet crystals, black and white pearls, and sterling silver wire. The finished piece is pictured above on the left. Pretty snazzy?

Lastly I wanted to put together a pair of earrings that you could wear anywhere, any time, with any attire. Although I wanted something catchy, it also had to be subtle enough to wear with anything.

I gathered up both blue Swarovski briolette and bicone crystals and a box of cute little cats eye beads my girlfriend Jo sent me. I'd been dying to use those beads! I also took out some Blue Topaz rondells, and of course, my wire! The finished earrings are shown on the right. These would look perfect with jeans, a summer halter, and a cool pair of sandals, don't you think?

I want to thank Artbeads for supplying the crystals that you see in my creations in excange for participating in their "Blogging for Beads" program. I've been Crystallized! You really must check out their "Crystallized - Swarovski Elements" sections because face it, a girl can never have too many crystals. ;-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ammolite Bracelet

This beautiful piece of Ammolite is wire wrapped in sterling silver and accented with silver Swarovski pearls. Ammolite, a rare opal like gemstone, is found primarily along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. It is now considered the rarest gemstone in the world. It's becoming rarer and rarer as the supply has almost been completely mined, thusly the price of Ammolite is escalating upwards of no less than 40% a year. Ammolite comes from the fossilized shells of Ammonites, distant cousins to the modern day Nautilus. They roamed the seas in prehistoric days and are from the Jurasic era.

The Blackfeet Tribe know Ammolite as "iniskim" which means "buffalo stone" and believe it to possess healing powers.Ammonite is a great investment and a perfect gift to give to a loved one for any occassion.

It is currently for sale at my Etsy store:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Name this Fish Contest! *Sapphira Fantail*

July 19th Update: Fishie gets a name. Tanya (Hannahshands) picked out her new name, "Sapphira Fantail." 4 judges were deadlocked. It was a very close race between Sapphira, Satinka, and Blue Gil. My Son, (5th judge,) just got home from his B'day party and gave me his two choices. It put Sapphira ahead in the lead, hands down. You all submitted such wonderful names and I want to thank you for taking the time to enter the contest. It's been fun!

In my last post I said I would be announcing a contest to name my fish. You have to admit this cute little fishy needs a name! How do you enter? Come up with a cute or unique name and post it in this thread. On July 19th (Son's Birthday) a winner will be announced. A panel of (5) will be doing the judging.

Good luck!

The winner will receive a pair of Sea Glass earrings or pendant (your choice.)

A Dream Come True!

Several of you may remember when I blogged about Artbeads blogging for beads program. A few select jewelry artisans were given an opportunity to periodically get free beads, supplies, and findings, in exchange for blogging about the items you choose to receive. You then have the option to either write a review or publish what you made with them. I have to tell you I got so excited when I got an email from Duchess a few days ago with the latest Blogging for Beads list! Wow! One of the items listed were these incredible Swarovski "Elements" crystal ovals. Talk about beautiful, big, BOLD! They measure 39x28mm and they were just perfect for my next "Cougar" creation. For my piece I chose the "Montana Sapphire," although I also got the Colorado Topaz and will use it to make "Goldie" the goldfish.

It was such a hard choice since they had offered so many great crystals! Buttons, squares, rivoli, round, flat.... it was like a jewelry artisan's dream come true! I also got some "jewelry cleaner" which was a "HOT" item and is currently on back order. What a great way to clean those finished pieces.

Later this week I will announce a "Name this Fish Contest." You will get a chance to win a pair of Sea Glass earrings. Check back for more details. I will also post the contest in the Etsy Dedicated Beaders and Jewelry makers BNR and a few other ones. ;-)

I hope you enjoy my finished Blogging for Beads creation. I enjoyed making it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Fun Piece

This little piece, tiny bubbles, was also a fun piece to make. I really do love painting on the little pieces of sea glass. It's like each individual piece has it's own story to tell and my creative imagination comes up with some pretty good stories. ;-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

This Bud's for You!

Yesterday was one of those gloomy days. It was overcast and looked like it could have rained but never did. I did try to venture out and attempt to go grocery shopping, but every place was still so crowded I quickly did a hasty retreat and decided to put it off until today. Instead I decided to paint up more sea glass.

This piece I decided to name "Tropical Nights." It was most likely a beer bottle since the sea glass is amber. For some reason I was in the mood for a "tropical" look. The little sailboat reminded me of a time when I went sailing with Mom and Jack on their boat just off the gulf in Florida. Gosh that seems like it was so long ago now.

Anyway, this piece makes me wimsical and remember old times. I miss you Mom!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wire wrapped Peruvian Blue Opal

Although I am pleased with the finished piece, I have to tell you that this bracelet was one of those pieces that gave me fits. I don't know how many times I reworked setting the stone. Perhaps the problem was the size of the nugget, or the fact that it was my last piece of Peruvian Blue Opal. I LOVE Peruvian Blue Opal and the look had to be just right.

I finished the setting off by adding Fire Agate rondelles. The gemstones on the sides are Crazy Horse Jasper. It is wrapped in Sterling Silver.

This is one of those pieces that will more than likely be a keeper. Some stones were just meant to stay with you. This is one of them. ;-)