Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now we're talking beads... lots of beads

If you ever want to test your patience, try making a project out of seed beads. Although beautiful, little, teeny, tiny beads, they are not easy to work with. Even so, many beading enthusiasts just love working with seed beads. Why you ask? The completed creations are just beautiful and like no other.

Here is a beaded amulet bag that I recently finished. This bag took me over 25 hours to make (including the matching earrings.) I used almost an entire hank of the dark colored rainbow beads. By the time I added the contrasting beads I probably did use that amount. You do have to admit, now that IS a LOT of beads!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Penguin Power - Polymer Clay Sculptures

I thank God that I am diverse in my creations. I never tire of crafting this way. Each form of craft is relaxing and rewarding to me. All of it an art form. My latest niche has been polymer clay sculptures. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE all animals, large and smalll, winged, finned, hoofed, furred, scaled.... lol. I think you get the picture.

One of my all time favorites is penguins! I have loved penguins since the first time that I saw them at the zoo. There are right up there with otters. Both are playful and fun little creatures that I could sit and watch for hours.

When I woke up this morning to rain my first thought was today is a good day to create. Here is my completed rainy day project.