Sunday, October 10, 2010

An awesome find!

I was so ecstatic! Today started out as just another drippy, dreary day so I was looking for projects or something to do to break the boredom. I decided to clean the closet in my craft room..... ha! Major chore...... but wouldn't you know, as luck had it, I got diverted. While going through boxes, bins, bags, I ran across a plastic baggie Mom had sent me over a year ago that contained vintage jewelry that belonged to my Grandmother. The plan was to go through it and find pieces to take to Liza who owns Turtle Beads in Newport, Wa. She LOVES vintage beads and jewelry and has a special case just for her vintage stuff. As I was sifting through it I ran across a beautiful sterling silver piece that had a large Garnet on it. I don't know how I ever missed it the first time I rummaged through it as Garnet is my birthstone. It did not have a chain with it but I had just the beads for it. I had some small Garnet nuggets that I had been hanging on to for just the right piece. I added Tourmaline (another one of my gemstone loves,) some sterling silver accent beads and spacers, and some e beads.

Here is the finished piece and you betcha, I will wear it with fond memories of my Grandmother.


Fine Gold Jewelry Modesto said...

It was outstanding piece of jewelry. Thank you for sharing with us.

Lady V said...

My pleasure and thank you. :)