Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Monkey Maddness!

First a little bit of sock monkey lore, from Wikipedia. John Nelson, a swedish immigrant, patented the first sock knitting maching in 1869 and began making work socks in Rockford, Illinois in 1890. Sock monkeys first emerged in 1932, the year Nelson added his trademarked red heels to his socks.

In 2005 the first "Sock Monkey Maddness festival was held at the Midway Village and Museum in Rockford, Illinois. The continued popularity encouraged the city of Rockford, Illinois to embrace the doll as part of its history. The festival has now become an annual event. The event draws 1500 people and continues to grow in attendance each year. More sock monkey lore can be found by reading the Wikipedia online article on sock monkeys.

Make no doubt about it, sock monkey's are a loveable and adorable American mascot! If you read the comments posted on my "very first sock monkey" you will see Granny Jan's (Sock Monkey Ranch) comment saying, "Fair warning, once you make one you are hooked!" She was so right. I love making these whimsical little creatures. Each takes on a personality all of it's own. I've included her link above. Talk about some adorable sock monkeys. You've got to check them out!

Here is my own sock monkey that I made with a pair of boot socks I found yesterday. Not the traditional red heeled sock monkey, but a cute little guy, I think. Next I will be working on making them some outfits. I mean you can't let your monkey run around in putblic naked now, can you? ROFL. Check back to see what other monkey tales await.

And many thanks to all of my new monkey pals who have offered such wonderful tips, words of advice, encouragement and praise. It's so appreciated. :)

Mojo the monkey is currently for sale at my Etsy store.

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Jan said...

Aw, he turned out adorable! He looks all soft and cuddly. You're really picking up this monkey business fast! I look forward to more monkey postings from you. We must fill the world with sock monkeys! Have fun. - Jan