Monday, August 3, 2009

Dogs gone WILD!

Dogs gone wild? By the looks of it, perhaps some of them anyway. For others? Their stuffed doggie toy seems to be almost therapeutic, comforting, as shown by the picture of Azul, the Great Dane, (right.)

I breed and train AKC Siberian huskies. Originally I made these toys for the new arrivals. It not only gave them something to play with, but something to chew on as well, which saved the furniture. When it comes time for the pups to
leave, I send them off with one, so he/she would be less stressed going off to their new home. They have something "familiar" that they can associate with.
This stuffed dog toy is wonderful for teething puppies or dogs that love to chew! It doesn't matter if they are
big or they are small, as you can see.The bone is made of industrial
fleece and has a knotted cord tied around it. It is like two toys built into one. It has been thoroughly puppy tested (by pups of all sizes, shapes, breeds,) and passed with flying colors.

Our special thanks to Kevin (
for sending
us his picture of Azul (the Great Dane.)
Also to Sharon ( for sending us her picture of Labisha (shown to the right.) And, lastly, to Tina ( who's poochie (below) refuses to give it's bone up, lol.

The doggie toys are available at my Etsy store

10% from each sale will be donated to our local Priest River Animal Rescue, PRAR, They are located at 1042
Albani Hwy., Priest River, ID. 83856


KanYoFuse said...

OMG. My pups (two large blue great danes) LOVE these dog toys. They prance around the house with them and take them to bed at night. My oldest, Azul, won't even drop it to bark. lol Another great use for it.
A bark muffler. He just barks with it in his mouth.
My boys are chewers and love nothing better than to shred a toy and get the stuffing. These bones have passed with flying colors. Thank you for providing such an awesome toy.

Jo Ann Gallagher said...

Great article, my friend! Really enjoyed reading it! All really sweet looking dogs!

Lady V said...

ROFL @ Kevin... a bark muffler! what a riot. Thanks so much you two. You rock!

sharonkay said...

Labisha has great fun with this toy! In this picture she is actually shaking it to high heaven! She runs around with it hanging out her mouth and then brings it to me to throw it for her so she can "capture" it again! Great fun!