Thursday, August 27, 2009

All in a day........

It's a busy time of the year for the local Artisans and crafters of Priest River and Newport. During the summer and early fall it is the busiest time of the year for our area's craft fairs and shows. We need to make our money while we can. Far too soon it will be snowing again and we will be socked in for months. By the end of October we can pretty much figure it is time to pack it in for the winter.

I decided to get a booth this year even though the economy has been so bad. Much to my surprise sales have been pretty good. I am selling it as fast as I can make it. It sure beats listing stuff and having it sit for months and months in my Etsy shop. I will definitely be making some much needed changes in 2010.

Here are some pictures of a few of the gem stones that I did up to sell at the booth this weekend. The largest piece is a Druzy with crystal formations. The two smaller gem stones are Boulder Opals. You can see the vivid flash in both of them. What beautiful stones. The larger blue stone is Blue Lace Agate, another beauty. All are wrapped in sterling silver or gold filled wire.

If you have any questions regarding any of my creations please do
not hesitate to contact me.


sharonkay said...

Beautiful work! You are truly a jewelry artist!

Jo Ann Gallagher said...

Betty, you know I am one of your biggest fans! Your work is breath taking! These pendants are so gorgeous! I just love looking at your new creations.

Lady V said...

Yay! I am pleased to report that all of the jewelry items that I had posted were sold at both the Farmer's Market and our local October Fest. I am now working on creating new items so I will have an ample supply for our local Christmas craft fair in November. :)