Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My first "Cougar" piece

Well I know all of my wire wrap friends know who Dale (Cougar) Armstrong is, and my g/f Jo and I were like two little kids in a candy store when we found out she put out a new book. Of course we both had to have it and as soon as Jo gets her copy we will have much to share.... can't wait! Mine came yesterday. Now for those that know me, you would have guessed that I would have sat down and tried to make one of her pieces yesterday, but I had a full day and was NOT about to try to tackle it when tired. This afternoon was another story, lol. I grabbed my book and Aleutia (one of my huskies) and then headed out to the deck and read through it while I took in some welcomed sun.

The book had instructions for one piece in particular that caught my eye, a ring! I seem to have this ring thing, rofl. I don't see myself selling (or making) a lot of this style of jewelry as it is more for custom orders. It is heavier, and as a result pricier than the things that I normally make, but it was fun making something new.... different. I changed it around a bit as I wanted the ring to make a "statement." Instead of the suggested pearl, I added a Rose Quartz nugget. I will wear it on my index finger and see what kind of attention it gets.... and maybe I will even get a sale or two. ;-)

Here is my first "Cougar" piece.

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Jo Ann Gallagher said...

Have mine now and now we can make a big tangled wire mess! lol Looking so forward to working on these pieces with you, my friend. They will be all the more special because you had a hand in helping me with wire, stones, and advice. I'd be lost without you!!