Monday, June 29, 2009

By the truck loads......

I have to tell you, I just finished up my second "Cougar" piece yesterday, a wire wrapped bracelet. Now I did improvise and changed it some and even then wasn't happen with my first attempt, so it got reworked. I did not make the piece as massive as what her instructions called for. The "big" jewelry pieces just isn't me, as I prefer the daintier pieces, but then I have small wrists and the larger pieces just look too gawdy on me. I know there are ladies out there that just LOVE the large pieces and I realize it is all about personal preferences, so I will do a few of the larger pieces in the near future. For now I am just having fun with all of these new techiques that I am learning, but I will admit, I am definitely burning some wire, rofl. I now have it coming in by the truck loads!

Here is my completed piece. I am pleased at it turned out.

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