Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cast Aways.... Rare Treasures in Time!

Sea glass! I have always loved sea glass! Perhaps it is the Aquarius in me..... or reminiscing to the days that I spent with my Mom at her Florida beach house. Maybe it is memories of my youth when we'd ditch school and head for the beach (yes, we did that Mom.) While others were wake boarding and body surfing, I was searching the beach for baubles and treasures..... sea glass, shells, sand dollars, and driftwood. I always loved creating with things I found on my search. Although I have been making jewelry and trinkets with sea glass for years, it never occurred to me to paint on these pieces and turn them into one of a kind pendants until I stumbled upon another jewelry artisan's blog and I was in awe what she had done. I knew that I had to try my hand at it because this satisfies two of my loves.... painting and wire wrapping. How cool is this?

Now finding sea glass in northern Idaho is non-existent, so I did my usual Etsy search for supplies. I found a couple of wonderful sellers from California, very near the same places I used to hunt for my treasures. The pictures are two creations that I made with sea glass that I got from, (a favorite.) I had so much fun working on these pieces. Thank you for the gift beach glass Bea. As you can see I made good use out of it. These two pendants are currently on display (and for sale) at Turtle Beads in Newport, WA. If you would like a hand painted sea glass pendant please contact me at


thecozyloft said...

Oh my my!! These are GORGEOUS!! You are constantly creating some gorgeous, one of a kind pieces. You never cease to amaze with your incredible talent!!


Lady V said...

Awwwwww, thanks Rhonda. You are such a sweetheart. xoxoxo's right back atcha!