Saturday, January 5, 2008

Nick the dragon

Now, I did say that I am hooked on lampwork glass art, right? Well..... Michael Dean steered me in the direction of a glass artists blog, and "we love Etsy site. While I was cruisin' around on these sites I ran across a glass artist that makes cute little lampwork critters. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love animals and there was one little guy who cried out, "buy me, BUY ME!" His name was Nick the dragon. After I had completed the transaction and Nick was officially mine, I got to thinking..... I know, look out, lol. I wondered if she could make me a husky, and I decided to contact her and ask. She was happy to take on the new project and seemed to look forward to the challenge. She is working on making me Yukon as I type this post. I can't wait to see her finished project and I will post a picture once he is done. Luanne's Etsy store is Sheltie's Lampworks. Yes, the name did give her away. To see more of her work click on the link below.

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