Saturday, January 5, 2008


Gawd I HATE Vista! Who at microsoft designed this ungodly software? I have been using windows since version 3.1 (now that is dating myself.) Never have I been unhappy with a windows version.... until now that is. I am going back to XP until they impriove on this OS. Talk about an unstable, sluggish, program.... and it tries to take over everything. As far as I am concerned? JUNK!

Ok, now that I have fumed, as I wrote a blog entry and had it just disappear before my eyes. I so hate typing twice, especially when I am tired and have had a long day....

But, enough of the bitching and on with the latest in the jewelry and beads n' things updates.

What's new? Lampwork glass art. While I was looking around some of the other jewelry sites at Etsy (and God, I love that site,) I stumbled upon some unique and very beautiful beads. As I checked into them further, I found out they were called lampwork beads. They are made of molten glass and let me tell you, this is really an art all of it's own.

I am not even going to try to attempt this craft, as I leave it to the glass artists, I knew I just had to have some of these beads. I hunted high and low for something that got my attention.

I feel so fortunate and blessed to have found Michael Dean (Protege at Etsy,) and marveled over his beautiful work. I originally ordered three and my finished creations using these beads are all listed at my lvsbeadsnthings Etsy store. My favorite, Prairie Winds, was the hardest one to bring together, because I had a specific design in mind. As I worked and worked, then reworked, and worked some more, the design in my head did not come out quite like I had visioned. It is almost laughable now that its' done, and I am finally happy with the final revision.

Here is a picture of the finished project.
To see more of Michael Dean's lampwork click on the link to go to his Etsy store.
He is

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