Monday, November 3, 2008


Ok, for those of you that know me, you know I just can't resist buying rare, unusual, or stunning gemstones. Up until now Opals have been my most favorite gem.... that is until I ran across Ammolite.

Ammolite is similar to an opal and some of the Ammolites that I have seen are opalized giving them even more beauty than their original state. I have been most fortunate to find a wonderful seller (on Ebay) who has been so kind and patient with me and educated me a bit about this rare and precious gemstone.

Ammolite is the rarest gemstone in the world! In 1981, ammolite became recognized by CIBJO, (the Colored Stones Commission.) It is the latest of only three new gemstones introduced in the last 50 years. It is also only one of three organic gemstones, (including amber & pearl.) It has been compared to opal and has a superficial similarity to the Austrian mineral lumachelle whose iridescence is also provided by the fossil ammonite carnites floridus.

Ammolite is also known as aapoak, (Blackfoot for small, crawling stone,) calcentine, korite, ammonite shell or gem ammonite. Ammolite is the fossil shell of the upper cretaceous ammonites: Placenticeras meeki, Placenticeras intercalare & Baculites compressus. Ammolite is only found in the Bearpaw formation that extends from Alberta to Saskatchewan in Canada and south to Montana in the USA.

Ammolite comes in various sizes, shapes and forms as you can see by the pictures above, but one thing is for sure. In any form Ammolite is the most beautiful stone that I have ever seen. I have seen these stones easily sell from $100 - $600 and a whole shell sell for $3000 - $10,000. Ammonite is increasing in value at a rate of 40% a year because it is becoming more and more scare. Because of this, naturally I had to get some Ammolite gemstones and fossilized shells and will be making up jewelry pieces for loved ones. I don't think you can give anyone a finer gift. Native American's carry one in their medicine bag to bring not only wealth and prosperity, but also for grounding.

I will be offering some Ammolite pendants at my Etsy store, so check out my store in mid to late November.

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