Monday, October 13, 2008

Well alrighty then......

Ok, so the October Fest was a bust! It rained the entire day and I thought surely they will cancel it, but they didn't. Only 12 of the crafters toughed it up and set up in the rain. I was going to turn around and head home but the promoter talked me in to staying and set up a tent for me to put my table under.

Although sales weren't fantastic, I sold more than I expected to, given the conditions. I was amazed anyone came out at all, but Priest River folks are used to knarly weather and it was an October Fest after all. People were walking around on the streets checking out the booths, with their cup of pumpkin ale and brats in hand.

In spite of the crap weather I did have a fantastic time. They put another artisan in the tent with me, Bill from Cusick. He made canes, walking sticks, and sling shots out of tree branches. Shortly after noon I headed off to the liquor store and got us some Bailey's and we sat around and chatted like two old friends. His girlfriend was a hoot! I traded Bill a magnetic bracelet for a walking stick for my Brother for Christmas. We exchanged cards so we could hook up again at other local craft fairs.

I love it when a bad day turns in to a positive one. I made new friends, made a little money, and met a lot of town folks.

And now it is almost time for Halloween so I am busy making up Halloween spiders and a beaded witch to sell here locally. I have a few of them listed at my Etsy store.
They really are prettier than they look in the photographs! Perfect for gift giving. :)

Ok.... back to creating! Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!

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